Extrusion Presses

Maintenance Metrology provides alignment services for aluminum extrusion presses.  We generate a centerline that the press operates on based on the center points of the front and rear platens.  All of the critical operational features in between the front and rear platens are inspected and if they are out of tolerance they are adjusted. 
The only component we do not perform the final alignment on is the container since it is usually too hot to measure.  If the container is measured cold, it will not be in the correct location when it is heated to its operating temperature.  If we align the container, you will need to verify and adjust prior to press operation. 
The primary components being adjusted include the piercer, ram stem and die slide.  Other valuable information that can be obtained during an alignment is the condition of the ways, parallelism of the front and rear platens, pressure plate flatness and perpendicularity of the pressure plate to the press centerline, perpendicularity of the main ram crosshead to the press centerline.  Offsets are made during the alignment of these features in order to accommodate thermal expansion during press operation.
We are also able to set the front platen parallel to the rear platen when tie rods are pre-stressed.

Rolling Mills

Maintenance Metrology provides dimensional inspection services for plate rolling mills.  We are able to accurately measure roll mill stands, rolls and bearing chocks to provide dimensional information. 



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