FARO Laser Tracker


The FARO Laser Tracker is a precise portable coordinate measuring machine.  As features are measured they are automatically drawn into the measuring software.  The individual measured point data as well as the measured features can then be analyzed to fulfill the intended work scope.  The software also has Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing capabilities for inspection services.




Spherically Mounted Retro-reflector (SMR)


The SMR is the probe used to reflect the laser beam back to the tracker head.  It is a precision ground sphere with three internal mirrors which meet at the center of the precision ground sphere of the SMR.  Tooling can be used with the SMR measure features that a sphere cannot.






Shown below is the accuracy information on the FARO Vantage Laser Tracker. (MPE refers to the “Maximum Permissible Error” per ASME standard)


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